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11th of November

Autor: Robert, 19. Kwiecień 2012

11th of November is Polish Independence Day. The day before we – students and teachers –took part in a formal celebration, which was prepared by class II A. We saw a historical movie about events that had happened before Poland retrieved its independence in 1918. Students have also made their own film in which they were asking their schoolmates questions about the historical background of The Independence Day. Then we had a contest. Representatives of each form had an opportunity to check their knowledge of history. There was an award for thr winner – a wonderful cake.
During the day our beautifully decorated school hosted  a fundraising event for the Cmentarz Orląt Lwowskich (cementary of the young defenders of Lwow – Lwow Eaglets). We managed to raise a considerable amount of money to give for the renovation of this Cementary.
The Independence Day celebrations were organised and prepared by our professors Agnieszka Pomarańska and Jolanta Sojka. Thank You!

Martyna Gołębiewska, preIB