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Kony 2012

Autor: Robert, 19. Kwiecień 2012

Video about Kony 2012

Do you remember your childhood? Tons of toys, masses of fairytales and great time spent with your parents. And now… Imagine that you are under the siege of AK47, shouting in the battle madness – you do not have your favorite teddy bear, nobody sings you lullabies, you have only your AK47. This is not the plot of catastrophic film, this is the real situation in Uganda.

Joseph Kony every day destroys hundreds of young and innocent children’s souls by forcing them to join his murderous army. Please, do not be indifferent. Check the website of the organization: www.invisiblechildren.com or find the newest film about Uganda hell – Kony2012, easily to find on YouTube.

You do not have to support Invisible Children with money. The most important for us is to make people gain knowledge about the action and let others know about the situation, which is getting worse every day.

You have probably noticed the posters and signs in our school – yes, we are active here in Gdańsk, in our school. If you want to support us, buy a cake, which will be sold in the next week.