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You can learn how to Play with Business

Autor: Robert, 19. Kwiecień 2012

On April 12th a group from the second iB class had its economy lesson in the Pomeranian Park of Science and Technology in Gdynia, where The Society of Business Week Graduates organized a conference Play with Business. Its main goal was to promote courage and creativity in business among young people. Our students met the special guests: Michał Jaworski, director of corporate politics from Microsoft, Kenneth Globerman, the founder of Global Group, Michał Jaskólski, co-founder of Nokaut, Michał Wroczyński, founder and director of Development Strategy of Fido Intelligence, Piotr Grodzki – president of management board Speednet, Łukasz Osowski, co owner of IVONA Software company and Jakub Krawczyk – investment analysist from Skarbiec Asset Management. They told young people about their ways to success and showed that business not only requires hard work, but provides enormous satisfaction from actions we initiate and results we achieve.