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The First Pilot Edition of the Programm Education through Practice

Autor: Robert, 1. Lipiec 2012

The first pilot edition of the Education through Practice is completed. It was attended by about 20 pupils from High School No. 3 in Gdansk (Topolowka).

The project was aimed at high school students interested in deepening the knowledge of entrepreneurship. Education through Practice was coordinated by representatives of Invest in Pomerania and Gdansk Economic Development Agency (InvestGDA). Classes were conducted by experts from companies: Bank BPH, Geoban, Sony Pictures and Transcom.

Project took place from 5 October 2011 to 20 June 2012 and was held once a week. The majority of classes was in the form of workshops. Participants had the opportunity to get an insight into:

  • Project Management (perusal of rapidly growing field of project management and the basics of project management)
  • Excel from the inside (to broaden the knowledge in the use of Excel software in business, along with the basics of how to create reports in companies and analyse of results)
  • mind map (popular way of making effective notes, fast and effective learning together with creative problem-solving methods)
  • the art of effective presentations
  • the ability to present themselves during the recruitment process

Within the scope of the program, participants had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of companies: Transcom, Sony Pictures, Geoban i Banku BPH.

Visits to the companies made me realize how really looks like working in a call centre. In addition, Gdansk showed divisions of multinational corporations from a different point of view. I think nobody of us (present at the meeting) had been aware of this type of services and their scale.

- says Michal Orfin, a student of High School No. 3, program participant.

What I like the most was friendly, open and positive attitude of the representatives of companies who have had classes with us.
I think the project is really useful, and also shows that large, well-known companies and banks are not nearly as scary, as they sometimes seem to be.

- adds another participant of the project.

About 20 students was present during a regular lesson. However, the diplomas received only those, who showed the greatest enthusiasm and participated in at least 70% of the meetings.

Certificates were handed over in the hands of representatives of the companies within the project of Education through Practice, trying to appreciate their tremendous commitment and dedication.

The pilot program Education through Practice, which – thanks to the openness and willingness to cooperate on the part of school management – was realized in Topolowka, was approved by the other schools, and companies.

We are very pleased with the pilot educational program that we implemented in the High School No. 3 in Gdansk. This joint initiative of several companies, local authorities and school management is a great example of the possibilities of cooperation between business and education. We hope that this will encourage further educational initiatives. We are also very pleased with the visit of students of High School No. 3 in our office in mid-June. It was an interesting experience for our employees.

- sums up Radoslaw Krasowski, HR Manager at Geoban SA

For many years we have been trying to enable our students to connect knowledge they gain in the classroom, with skills useful in their future working life, through meetings with representatives of various professions or cooperation with companies. Education through Pracitce is as innovative, as it enables students to participate in workshops led by professionals and have the opportunity to learn business from the inside, what they think is a great introduction to the world of business.

- says Malgorzata Mroczkowska, deputy director of Topolowka.

I find the whole project very positive. Workshops, held for several months at our school, gave us the opportunity to learn how does the real work in large multinational corporations look like. In addition, we learned how to deal with different, often difficult, situations. We can use acquired knowledge in the future – taking a job and starting working life (…).

- states Michal Orfin.

Transcom only recently have begun to promote its brand as an employer. Hitherto we were hiding behind the brand of our main client. All the more it is a great honour for us to participate in this project – in such good company, in such a prestigious high school. The reality surpassed our expectations. It turned out that these young students, despite a very ambitious program in the school, are still craving for knowledge, disciplined (classes are not mandatory!) and curious about the world. For us, as an employer, it gives a very good signal that the rising generation, will be challenging and demanding employees. To meet them in the future, we must continually set ourselves a high targets in our organizational culture.

- adds Joanna Osinska, HR Manager at Transcom Worldwide Poland Ltd.

We decided to get involved in this educational project, because we believe that by receiving valuable advice from the best specialists in Poland the high school students will gain a better start in their working lives. We are very pleased to participate in the project and willingness to engage into the next edition of it.

- said Krzysztof Nowaczewski, Vice President of the Bank BPH.

Participation in this program was very interesting experience, especially since some of our employees are graduates of High School No. 3. With great pleasure, they came back in the old school walls, in the role of experts to lead workshops with students and share their knowledge and experience. We hope that this joint initiative of Tricity companies and local authorities will inspire others to organize similar projects in Poland.

- said Mikolaj Makowski from Sony Pictures Global Business Services.

This fall, „Education through Practice” will start also in High School No. 1 in Tczew and High School No. 6 in Gdynia. Classes will be conducted as well by the experts from Eaton and Flextronics.

Soon, we will proceed to develop graphic and content of classes for the school year 2012/2013.

Text: Izabela Disterheft, Kierownik, Biuro Inwestycji, Gdańska Agencja Rozwoju Gospodarczego Sp. z o.o.,