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Integration camp in Przywidz

Autor: Robert, 12. Październik 2012

At the end of September our class – II IB had an integration camp In Przywidz. It lasted only two days, but it turned out to be very successful as we all needed a couple of days of rest and fun after the first very demanding month.

We managed to integrate very well with a  few of our new friends that came from other classes or schools. Obviously, what helped us a lot was the time that we spent together playing, working, attending the lectures and even having a mealtime .

The rules were very rigorous – we had to be punctual! Disobedience was to be punished!



On the first day of the trip, after we met our entertainers, let’s say – two guys that were supposed to make up the games for us – we were divided into groups and went zorbing. As it is just rolling down the hill inside the giant rubber ball I am not quite convinced that everybody liked the activity itself, but for sure it was a lot of fun.







We also played paintball. A good occasion to collaborate together, even if in the rather military context, with a purpose of shooting the enemy. But the girls looked pretty cool .

The funniest part of the integration games was the one with the competition. It sounds quite normal, but the thing is that we were supposed to do really strange things…

Imagine revolving around the red squashy stick twelve times the fastest you can.





Well, you just cannot run straight afterwards, even though this is a race!




We attended the lecture with the journalist, during which we were supposed to create our own magazine, get in the PR’s shoes and advertise some random thing successfully. We also had some art classes with a famous Polish painter. What we did were the birds of any kind, which we made of any materials that were accessible – colour paper, tissue-paper, foil, glue, even toilet paper. It turned out that we are quite talented; at least some of us, but our works were really interesting and well-prepared. Seems like we have all enjoyed the classes!

 This is one of our works – a penguin .






The next day, as the part of Service we went to the nearby elementary school, where we had a lot of fun teaching 8 year- old- kids English. Some of us were more successful, some less – at least we found out how hard the job of a teacher is. It was a great experience for us as not everybody had similar experiences as tutors. The last thing that I think we all certainly enjoyed most was the dance classes – we learned how to dance the Belgian national dance. It involved the engagement of the whole class and was the most integrating activity of all.

All in all, we did have a really great time, even though the camp was very short. Now we know each other even better than before and we can go through this year of hard work in the good company .

 Autor: Martyna Gołębiewska II IB