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Chris Masters on Jan van Eyck’s ‚Arnolfini portrait’

Autor: Redakcja, 27. Styczeń 2013

This month we were honored to meet Chris Masters who gave an outstanding lecture on Jan van Eyck’s ‚Arnolfini portrait’.

Christopher Masters is Admissions Tutor at Ashbourne College, a private school in Kensington, London.  Ashbourne specializes in A-Levels, the pre-university courses that British students usually take from the age of 16 to 18, and is renowned for its academic excellence and emphasis on individual attention.  Ashbourne is rated as Outstanding (the highest category) by OFSTED, the government body that inspects British schools.

Jan van Eyck’s ‚Arnolfini portrait’ is one of the most famous, and mysterious, paintings in London’s National Gallery.  It has been interpreted as a representation of a marriage, and even as a kind of painted marriage certificate, although there are other possible meanings, which were also examined in Christopher Masters’ class.  His talk showed how much a great painting can reveal about both its subject and its creator, even when its precise significance remains controversial.