Topolówka :: III Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Gdańsku

Autor: Krzys25, 7. Maj 2013


            Between 6th and 10th of February 11 students from II IB class from our school participated in MUN conference which took place in Rome. Model United Nations is an international conference in which high school students from all over the World can take part. It checks their skills in communication, public speaking and their knowledge about situation in the world. 

            The topic of this conference was a discussion about freedom of speech and press vs respect for religious traditions. Every participant was submitted to one country and had to stand for its view about the situation. Students from our school had to represent countries like Qatar, Somalia, Brasil, Cuba, Luxembourg. Although the conference was on the very high level one student from our school, the delegate of Israel, gained an award for ‚the excellent representation’. After 3 days of exhausting and bitter discussion we agreed to introduce change in International Convention of Human Rights. We decided to limit the freedom of press and speech when it comes to discrimination of religion minorities. It was really hard to achieve as long as we had to take under consideration the differences in religion and political systems of countries. 

            Unfortunately, there was not enough time to apply all of the suggested changes – for example it came out that International Convention of Human Rights isn’t really taking into its consideration traditions and religions of Islamic or Asian countries. And his is a real reason why they are constantly accused of breaking those rights. 

      Although we spent all days on conference during evenings we had an opportunity to explore the eternal city.  We had a chance to climb on Capitol, walk through Forum Romanum and take a compulsory photo with Colosseum in the background. We tried Tazza D’Oro coffee near Pantheon and agreed that the Trevi Fountain is the most adorable place to see in Rome. After putting our hand in the Mouth of Truth(well known from Roman Holiday) we did the shopping nearby Spanish Steps. We also seized the opportunity and visited Vatican City with its famous for the Sistine Chapel museums.  However the truth there are two places to which we will always come back in our memories  – these are Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona. This is true what they say, Italian’s have the best cuisine in the world.

            Additionaly we would all like to thank for the opportunity to experience all of those magnificent things to two amazing teachers – Mrs Katarzyna Radzikowska and Mrs Anna Osieczko. Without them this expedition definitely wouldn’t be so unforgetable and probably would never take place. Grazie!