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Theory of Everything – „Krewetka” Cinema City

Autor: Jakub Morawski, 1. Kwiecień 2015

On 25th of February we visited the “Krewetka cinema centre” and watched a film about Stephen Hawking’s life. Eddie Redmayne who plays this extraordinary scientist undoubtedly has deserved his Oscars 2015 main prize awarded for the best main character. His role deeply touched us and we felt caught up in a reverie. This story proves that Stephen Hawking and his family has never given up even when he is severely taken sick and hasn’t allowed the illness to ruin the career of one of the most intelligent and recognisable people in the world. After the discussion about the film and the fact that all the students shared their emotions with the rest of the group, I am deeply convinced that all of them have enjoyed this film.

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