Atmosphere | Topolówka

High School No. 3


Our school is a hospitable place and visitors are seldom absent. Whoever they may be – colleagues from abroad, popular politicians or junior students, they are always received with joy, care and assistance. On entering, the first impression is of spaciousness and height – large halls, massive doors and high ceilings are reminders of the school’s old age.

Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz, Polish economist and politician, well-known for his pragmatism, presented his critical view on current situation in Poland during his meeting with students and staff in summer 2011.

Another quality is that it’s a happening place, full of energy and with air of purpose, as time is valued here. The inside buzzes with voices of people immersed in their academic, sporting, artistic or extra-curricular day-to-day operations. As a learning community working together on daily routines, we naturally developed our own brand of humour which never allows us to be out of humour.