Students | Topolówka

High School No. 3


are expected to behave, be punctual, polite, responsible, diligent and ambitious. In addition, they are independent, critical, knowledgeable, inquiring and artistic. They manage to occupy top positions in their exam results and overall high school rankings. According to most reliable ranking of  Perspektywy (magazine) and Rzeczpospolita (daily paper), last year Topolówka took the 1-st position among Gdańsk high schools and 30-th in Poland. Topolówka’s students have always been sensibly hardworking and creatively useful.

Students gathered by the park

Many outstanding citizens of our country, who take active part in social, political and cultural life, have been educated here. In this school, students are allowed much freedom and encouraged to put their ideas into life with a little help of their teachers.

A performance in our hall