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W dniu 24 stycznia 2011 r. w naszej szkole odbyło się spotkanie z Panem Martinem Milne, wiceprezesem programu ASSIST. Celem wizyty było przede wszystkim zapoznanie władz szkoły z zasadami i celami funkcjonowania tego stypendium .
Dotychczas skorzystały z niego dwie uczennice w Polsce (z Gdyni i Krakowa).
W tym roku aplikowała nasza licealistka – życzymy jej powodzenia i czekamy na wyniki!!!

Na zdjęciu: Pani Dyrektor III LO – Bożena Ordak, Martin Milne (ASSIST), Joanna Martyni, Agnieszka Zander i Alina Spychała

Dear Students,

Have you ever dreamed of studying in the United States for one year on scholarship? The ASSIST program offers qualified students from Poland a unique opportunity to study at some of the finest independent day and boarding schools in the U.S. ASSIST Scholars selected for our program are offered full scholarships worth up to US $50,500.

Independent or private schools in the United States are known for their high scholarship, small class sizes, and the attention given to the specific interests and talents of students. They have excellent facilities and strong programs in studies, athletics, and arts. These schools rarely grant scholarships to international students outside of their partnership with ASSIST.

Candidacy in the ASSIST program is competitive and is open to students between 15 and 18 years of age. Criteria for selection include: academic achievement, proficiency in the English language, special talents, strong interests, and personal qualities. For more information and application materials, please follow this link:

We encourage you to explore this life-changing opportunity to have a one-year exchange experience in the United States. This type of experience will enable you: to develop independence; to live successfully in another culture; to attain fluency in English; and to meet other future leaders. You will join over 4000 ASSIST alumni from around the world for whom our program has charted a new course in their lives.

We hope that you will consider applying!

Kind regards,

Martin Milne
Vice President