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Działalność uczniów

Youth City Council

At the beginning of the September, after over a year of preparation the ‘Youth City Council was created. Thirty four youth councilors, from all Gdansk’s districts, were elected as representatives of students from both high  and junior high schools. Each school delegated two students to the district election, where adequate number of councilors was elected to the youth city council. The number of mandates was the same as it is at the regular local elections. In our district (Wrzeszcz) we have five adult councilors, so five youth councilors were elected as well.

I have the honor to represent III LO and IB world school no 1309 in ‘Youth City Council’. Our duties are to represent students from all schools in the form of local government –  the President of Gdansk and the City Council. Also, we can give an opinion on every action taken by the local authorities mentioned above . But the main goal is to spread the knowledge about local government and elementary knowledge about the mechanisms of action of all local authorities.

At our last (second) session we brought to life problem committees. Some of them are: education committee, sport and tourism committee, culture committee. Those are the most important ones because they are strongly connected with schools and students.
I have the pleasure to be the chairman of the education committee. In my opinion it is the most important part of youth city council. It has the biggest power to influence the City Authorities. Well, this is only the beginning of our work. We have about two more years to take some actions and improve the status of students in our city.

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Michał Orfin



Passion for sailing

I am a student of the International Baccalaureate program at IB World School No. 001309. Apart from living a vivid academic life, I have also developed a passion for sailing. Currently, I am training on the 49er Olympic sailing class.
The 49er debuted as the new twin-trapeze skiff for the Sydney 2000 Olympics on November 1996.  It combines a light hull design (80 kg) with a large sail area (59 m2) achieving the title of the fastest two person one-design mono-hull dinghy. The speed of the boat tops out at around 50 km/h (25 knots).
I would also like to stress the fact that it is thanks to our IB coordinator, mgr Alina Spychała, and the support of all my teachers that I was able to enjoy a training session in Spain this year.

Mateusz Kobyliński