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Interview with a teacher

One of the CAS coordinators, she cooperates closely with our IB Coordinator and therefore knows more than other teachers about all the procedures students are supposed to follow and deadlines they need to meet . It’s high time to guess who our guest this time is. Probably, everybody already knows that this is… Mrs. Małgorzata Warot. Let’s see what she has told us:
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Mariusz Kaszubowski

Student z maturą międzynarodową mile widziany – Pismo PG 6/2008 s.52-54
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Always helpful, her explanations would make a complete zero in mathematics understand even the most difficult topic, well organised, practical and at the same time friendly, sensitive, open and peaceful. She prepares two whiteboards for more difficult examples since she herself says: „I don’t know where I will finish”; It happens so, that she doesn’t hear the bell ringing when busy with solving a mathematical problem. That is a short profile of our Maths Teacher – Mrs Agnieszka Zander.
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Always with a beautiful grin on her face (looking for a proof ? you will find it in her class’ gallery), helpful whenever you need it and what the most important is – able to stay cool as a cucumber when her pupils start to panic before the exams. She has her own “hand made” realm on the last – third – floor, the so-called Olympus. The person I am talking about is no one else but Agnieszka Golak –a teacher of Polish. Think you know her ? Check if you are right…
You can download and read the interview here